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Sevastyan Simonov

Willem Pcb50b Software Download

Hi Doug,I have test the continuity of my cables, they are good.I have tried with LPT1 in willem software.So I will give you more info when I will test with a XP with built in parallel port.

Willem Pcb50b Software Download

When i connect willem to lpt i get red power light come up, when i connect power to willem (usb or dc 12V) i got two other lights come up (green) and then i run software which runs ok without errors (green lights turns off when i start the program) port setting is LPT1:0x387, version 0.97ja

Schematic &PCB Adapter 29LVx00 (PCB 1200dpi) DIP32 to TSOP48 for Am29LVx00 and Protel Format. PCB Adapter DIP24 for PCB2 or willem PCB -Schematic Adapter EPROM 16bit by Toomas Toots. Schematic & PCB Adapter EPROM 16bit 1Mbit - 4 Mbit DIP 40pin (Modify for easy design single side PCB). The Willem software only. I have tried this method with my sivava willem PCB50B. Package 5: Willem EPROM Programmer PCB50B + 27Cxxxx ( EPROM 16bit ) Adapter + 5 PCS x PCB SSOP 8. Willem's EPROM Program Operating Manual ( English language).

I recently obtained a willem eprom programmer pcb5.0e. Currently running Willem Eprom PCB5.0C (0.98D8) software. My question is do I need drivers for this programmer and is this the right software to run this programmer. What's new about this Enhanced Willem EPROM Programmer from PCB3B? Added isolation circuit (between VPP and pin). So that to protect this programmer not be.


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