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Proteus Mc1496 Libl

Proteus MC1496 Libl

Proteus is a popular software for electronic circuit design, simulation and testing. It allows users to create schematic diagrams, PCB layouts, and virtual instruments. Proteus also provides a library of components that can be used in the design process. However, not all components are available in the Proteus library, and sometimes users may need to create their own custom parts or import them from other sources.

Proteus Mc1496 Libl

One such component that is not included in the Proteus library is the MC1496, which is a balanced modulator/demodulator IC. This device can be used for various applications such as suppressed carrier and amplitude modulation, synchronous detection, FM detection, phase detection, and chopper applications. The MC1496 has been designed for use where the output voltage is a product of an input voltage (signal) and a switching function (carrier). It has balanced inputs and outputs, high common mode rejection, and adjustable gain and signal handling. The MC1496 contains 8 active transistors and has 14 pins.

Since the MC1496 is not available in the Proteus library, users who want to use it in their designs have to either create it from scratch or import it from an external source. One possible source is the SnapEDA website, which provides free Proteus libraries for millions of electronic components. Users can search for a part by its name or keyword, download the Proteus schematic symbol and PCB footprint for free, and import it directly into Proteus.

Another possible source is the NI Community forum, where users can share their custom parts or request them from others. One user has posted a link to a text file that contains the SPICE model of the MC1496, which can be used to create a component in Multisim. The user has also provided some instructions on how to map the symbol nodes and the model nodes correctly. The SPICE model is based on the figure 23 of the MC1496 datasheet, which shows a typical application circuit for suppressed carrier modulation.

In conclusion, the MC1496 is a useful device for modulating and demodulating signals, but it is not included in the Proteus library. Users who want to use it in their designs have to either create it themselves or import it from other sources. Some of these sources are SnapEDA and NI Community, which offer free Proteus libraries or SPICE models for the MC1496.


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