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Sevastyan Simonov
Sevastyan Simonov

Block Crown - Midas Touch

Cordon Bleu trained chef Tanys Pullin, 46, spent 90 hours crafting it out of a 1,322lb block of Farmhouse Cheddar. She carved the sculpture in the shape of a crown to mark the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation on June 2.

Block Crown - Midas Touch

'I was given a 600kg block of cheese. I spent about eight days carving the crown and did 12-hour sessions which did get a bit chilly in the fridge. 'Now it weighs just below 500kg which blows the current record out of the sky.'

"Never before - a watch so daringly new, so outrageously different, so harmoniously classical. Named after the legendary king with the golden touch, sculpted from a block of solid 18ct gold, the King Midas is a watch designed for the most discriminating people in the world. Each watch is a wonderfully solid mass of gold, very, very heavy and ...very, very expensive."

The dial itself is a sheet of white gold featuring an applied white gold Rolex coronet, and the Midas name spelled out in Greek script, with "Swiss" in the customary six o'clock position, very clean, and in perfect untouched condition. Another interesting and unique feature to this watch is the hand engraving of King Midas into the side of the case either side of the unique saw blade crown.

'We added crown moulding, baseboard, and wall trim to match the original profiles in the room, seamlessly blending the wardrobes into the architecture. Finally, oversized 18" brass pulls add a touch of modern Victorian luxury.' 041b061a72


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