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Green Day

The online hub for the Move America Beyond Oil campaign is, where visitors can see exclusive video messages from the band and send personal messages directly to political leaders straight from the site with just a few simple keystrokes. NRDC has used similar online tools to send millions of messages to lawmakers and corporate leaders in a variety of successful campaigns. With Green Day, they are reaching a whole new generation of online activists.

green day

Going forward, will feature exclusive video clips of Green Day discussing a range of environmental issues and a series of proactive steps that we can take to defend human health, wildlife, and our last wild places. Green Day fans who sign up to receive email updates from Green Day and NRDC will have access to exclusive content, plus a chance to win Green Day gear.

Join us on Wear it Green Day 2023 to raise money to help us get good mental health for all of us. By going green, you can support us in carrying out vital research and delivering programmes for different communities. 1 in 6 of us are affected by mental health problems every week.

From what our research has told us, the flower named after Green Day looks more like a dried-up weed. However, when its in a nocturnal bloom, the particular type of Macrocarpaea named after the punk-rock trio probably looks similar to the picture above (which is actually one of its sister species).According to Rolling Stone, "Harvard researchers bestowed the name "dies-viridis" (Latin for "green day") upon their newly minted species of night-blooming flower after listening to the band while driving throughout Ecuador on their research trips."We wonder which Green Day tracks made it onto their road trip playlist... we'd put money on 'Welcome to Paradise.'Full article at Pop Crush: HERE- - - -See the guitars, amps, and effects used by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Jason White on Greenday's spring 2013 "99 Revolutions' tour in support of their three latest albums, 'Uno,' 'Dos,' and 'Tre'.More photos and video at Premier Guitar: HERE 041b061a72


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