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Levi Phillips
Levi Phillips

Taming The Worry Dragon Bookl

This book provides an overview of taming worry dragons (types of worries, how they affect your body and thoughts, when they come around) as well as a summary of tools for "trapping & taming" worry dragons. Space is available for kids to add their own ideas about taming their worry dragon.

Taming The Worry Dragon Bookl

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There are many resources available to clinicians and families who are supporting children with anxiety (see resource list below this blog). One of the first steps in dealing with anxiety is externalizing the issue and relabeling anxiety (Chansky, 2004; Clark & Garland, 2009; Peters, 2013; and Wilson & Lyons, 2013). Everything from taming your worry dragons, to squishing your worry bugs, to standing up to your worry monsters, are identified as ways to help children take charge of their fears and worries that are often interfering with their day to day life (Image 1).


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