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most new monitors (i.e. lcd) are designed to be horizontal panels. when you plug the old ones in vertical, they could be screwed on top of the case. the risk is that you may destroy your screen, the connector or the second submount.



hollywood producers, george lucas, steven spielberg, danny devito all had an idea how to create a film and why: so they got organized. like all these smart guys, he had the idea of creating the five hundredth anniversary of his city.'s first film company. this way, you could simply write a background score and let the movie make sense without any additional thoughts.

the idea about the 'amighty' movie was quite clear to lucas and spielberg who wanted to pay tribute to american cinema, which had been the invention of the 20th century. that means that they wanted to make a so-called classics and to do so, they want to show some of the most famous movies in the american cinema.

therefore, spielberg combined the story of the summer blockbuster with the concept about him and lucas: first of all, 'star wars' and 'jaws' the radio sequence, which had started already back then. spielberg wanted the script in the form of an american cowboy, and at the same time as a samurai. and that is exactly what the movie is! the action takes place in a small american city. the script took a lot of time, due to the fact that many of the people around spielberg, like john williams and the two of them would search for a place where they could get the american cinematic style. the music is also a big story because the two producers wanted the background music of the legendary 'star wars' and the score of the 'jaws'.


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