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Where To Buy Cajun Injector Marinade

You can measure out the amount of marinade you'd like to use before filling the injector, rather than wasting unused marinade. Simply reseal the jar and store the unused contents in the refrigerator for future use. For best results, inject 2 oz. of marinade per lb. of meat. The injector included with this creole butter marinade is simple to use and brings the perfect blend of flavors to your barbequed dishes!

where to buy cajun injector marinade

Our low-fat marinades give instant easy flavor to a variety of meats. The natural goodness of beef, poultry, wild game, and fish are enhanced by our creative marinade recipes. Imagine Creole Butter Recipe or Creole Garlic Recipe, our most popular and award winning flavors delighting your taste buds. Here's a great way to get started. This item includes one jar of marinade and an injector.Unit Size: 16 fl oz. (473mL)

Incorporate authentic Southern flavor into your favorite meals with Louisiana Fish Fry Injectable Cajun Butter Marinade, 16 oz. It is fat-free, full of flavor and easy to use. Enjoy this Cajun injector marinade on chicken, turkey, beef, pork or fish. 041b061a72


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