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Watch Chaalis Chauraasi Movie 720p Online: Why You Should Use Kickass Torrent

Chaalis Chauraasi Movie 720p Kickass Torrent

If you are looking for a Bollywood crime comedy movie that will make you laugh and thrill you at the same time, you might want to check out Chaalis Chauraasi. This movie was released in 2012 and starred some of the finest actors in the industry. But how can you watch this movie online without spending a dime? The answer is Kickass Torrent. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Chaalis Chauraasi movie 720p kickass torrent. We will explain what Chaalis Chauraasi is, what Kickass Torrent is, how to download Chaalis Chauraasi movie 720p from Kickass Torrent, and what are some of the alternatives to Kickass Torrent. We will also give you some tips and tricks to enhance your torrenting experience. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Chaalis Chauraasi Movie 720p Kickass Torrent


What is Chaalis Chauraasi?

Chaalis Chauraasi (which means forty eighty-four in Hindi) is a Bollywood crime comedy film directed by Hriday Shetty and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, and Ravi Kishan. Most of the film was shot in Mumbai. It was released on 13 January 2012.

A brief summary of the plot

The story of the film revolves around four cops who see an opportunity to make a great future when they are given a mission to pull off a fake encounter. They decide to use a police van with the number plate 4084 as their cover. However, things go wrong when they encounter a series of unexpected events that turn their plan upside down. They have to deal with a gangster named Tony Bisleri, a Parsi couple who wants to commit suicide, a bar dancer who wants to elope with her lover, and a corrupt politician who wants to get rid of them. Will they be able to complete their mission or will they end up in trouble?

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie features some of the most talented actors in Bollywood who have delivered brilliant performances. Here are some of them:

  • Naseeruddin Shah as Pankaj Purushottam Suri (Sir), the leader of the group who is calm and composed.



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