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The Rehearsal PATCHED

On The Rehearsal, Fielder masterminds ridiculous, over-the-top rehearsals that let people run through moments in their lives before they happen. For example, in the first episode, he orchestrates a rehearsal for a middle-aged man named Kor, who's looking to confess a long-held secret to a friend.

The Rehearsal


How extreme of a rehearsal are we talking? Well, Kor's practice rounds involve the venue he plans to meet his bar trivia friend at -- a Brooklyn bar called the Alligator Lounge. Fielder constructs a "perfect replica" of the bar, down to the exact spices on the bar's spice racks. (A crew member reportedly told him the faux establishment probably cost more to make than the real bar did.) Kor rehearses his bomb drop with an actress -- a doppelganger standing in for his friend. Later, the real meeting between the two friends plays out on screen, and we watch eagerly to see if all that outrageous rehearsing paid off.

The Rehearsal doesn't really adhere to that rehearsal-and-then-reality structure after that, though. It soon becomes harder to pin down, especially as Fielder begins to insert himself into rehearsals.

Fielder's pitch, and the premise of his show, is that if you practice with a series of scenarios and variables, you can find the best way to proceed. In other words, you can prepare for this event with a series of rehearsals, then perform it for real.

MacLean hasn't made a theatrical feature in 18 years, but she's directed lots of scripted television, including excellent episodes of "Sex and the City," "Carnivale" and "The Tudors." Her last theatrical movie was "Jesus' Son," an adaptation of Denis Johnson's book that I believe is one of the greatest and least appreciated dramas of the '90s. Despite its problems, this new one is a welcome return, but it ultimately feels like a rehearsal for something grander.

A rehearsal dinner is a celebratory event that occurs after the wedding ceremony rehearsal the day before the wedding. Typically everyone in both families, in the wedding party, and from out of town are invited to the event. But, it is up to the discretion of the couple.

For all couples, a general rule is to have an open and honest discussion, similar to that of who's footing the wedding bill, about your plans, budget, and hopes with both families to ensure a drama- and stress-free rehearsal dinner.

The element specifies letters, numbers, and section names that are notated in the score for reference during rehearsal. The enclosure is square if not specified. Left justification is used if not specified.

The layers of experience and sensation available in the theater should be the envy of all novelists. My first glimpse of the ingenious set demonstrated the difference. In one glance I could take in, entire, what it would have taken me three pages to describe. Not to mention sound effects, music, dancing, costumes! In the end, the rhyming verse becomes mere scaffolding, over which is laid all the three-dimensional richness of sound and movement, light and shade, the human voice, the human body. And yet: I also felt the miracle of text, in the rehearsal room. That 600-year-old jokes can still land is a humbling fact indeed.

But when Angela, a woman who wants to experience raising a child, cannot find a worthy partner to act as her practice-husband, Fielder volunteers as dad, making the rehearsal as much for him as it is for Angela. This ultimately leads to a completely different set of moral questions. 041b061a72


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