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Hyper Backup vs Other Backup Solutions: A Comparison

A few days ago, Synology has released the new Hyper Backup Version: 2.2.6-1316. Hyper Backup helps you back up data and LUNs, and retains multiple data backup versions to keep important information handy and easy to track. Hyper Backup also makes restoring data and LUNs simple and straightforward. You can download the new version 2.2.6-1316 directly from the Download Center and update it manually. Select your NAS model, then go to Packages and download the .spk file for your device. If the update is available in your country, it should also be available for automatic download in your DSM Package Center.

hyper backup package download

Veeam Backup & Replication requests Microsoft Hyper-V VSS to create a cohesive point-in-time copy of a VM for backup. Microsoft Hyper-V VSS creates a volume snapshot or VM checkpoint, depending on the hypervisor version.

Synology Hyper Backup is a solution to back up various kinds of data (system configurations, shared folders, and applications/packages) on your Synology NAS manually or by schedule. It provides an intuitive and complete backup/restore solution to help you retain/restore copies of important data and restore applications and system configurations to a previous point in time.

In the Prepare infrastructure pane that opens, select the Download links for Install Azure Backup Server and Download vault credentials. You use the vault credentials during registration of Azure Backup Server to the Recovery Services vault. The links take you to the Download Center where the software package can be downloaded.

If you run into errors in vault registration, ensure that you're using the latest version of the MARS agent, instead of the version packaged with MABS server. You can download the latest version from here and replace the MARSAgentInstaller.exe file in MARSAgent folder in the extracted path before installation and registration on new servers.

Of these four, Hyper Backup is certainly the most popular, and at the same time available on absolutely all models (unlike some below). What exactly is Hyper Backup? This particular package offers you the ability to create a backup, for all your data already on the NAS.

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Synology NAS integrates many add-on packages to expand the functionality, some of them enable you to do incremental backup like Hyper Backup or Glacier Backup, which can be easily downloaded from the Package Center.

Synology incremental backup could significantly save your time and storage space, and there are some add-on packages support you to do it. But if you want to apply it other NAS or devices, a third-party program like AOMEI Backupper would work better.

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with reduced downtime, reduced risk of data loss and confidence in meeting or exceeding recovery point objectives RPOs every time. Veeam continues to amaze me. Releases a free tool for backing up windosw windows 10 system backup synology free download and simply makes it compatible with their bacjup backup solutions. This enables us, at no additional cost other than bandwidth and storage, of course, to back up our end users, encrypt and transport the backups off site.


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