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  • One of the cool things we enjoyed in USA and we thought we would miss in India was the ability to drive around anywhere without getting lost and change our routes to accommodate any changes in plan. Before you start a travel, you can print accurate maps and drivings directions to almost anywhere in the country. If you need to change plans or want to visit couple of places on the way or just want to find a restaurant on the route, you just have to do few clicks on the GPS system.Typically in India, if you want to go on a long or short drive in an unfamiliar route, your best option is to stop your car and ask someone. In most cases, you will get accurate and reliable help. But what if it is late night and you find no one to ask? What if you are in an area where there no human sighted anywhere? You will be in trouble. Also, in congested cities like Bangalore where there are too many small roads and routes are changed frequently, it is hard to stop the car in busy streets and ask for directions. When we moved from USA to Bangalore, we were very new to the city and found it very difficult to drive anywhere and get things done without getting lost. Many roads are one-way only and if you miss to take a turn, you will have a tough time finding the right route again. Everyday we used to praise the GPS system in USA and were wondering if it will come to India and work reliably.Couple of days back someone suggested GPS system is available in India too. We were very skeptical to pay and buy a GPS system since we did not expect it will work reliably on Indian roads. We expected several issues - many roads have no name, roads are being changed frequently, new roads come up often in cities like Bangalore etc.One day we had to go and meet a friend in a very distant location in the late night. Since we may not find any people on the road to ask for directions, we thought we will go ahead and buy a GPS system. After some research, we decided to buy the Sygic GPS system for our iPhone. My review of Sygic GPS softwareWe bought this GPS software application for iPhone but decided to install it on our iPad 2. We were of the impression that this application will work on both iPhone and iPad in the same manner and iPad has a better screen to help us navigate through the map better than Apple iPhone. We installed the GPS application through itunes and it worked for few minutes. But found the iPad does not show the GPS signal after few minutes. When we tested it in the beginning, it worked well and so we started out journey without any other directions or maps. But it turned out to be a bad trip since the GPS app in the iPad did not do any help at all.We tested the GPS on the Apple iPad for several days in various routes and it did exactly same thing - works for few minutes in certain parts of the city, but was highly unreliable as a navigation system. After couple of weeks, we almost gave up and decided to call the company asking for refund. While doing some more research on the GPS before we ask for refund, I noticed it is advertised as "Sygic India GPS app for iPhone". So, before we throw it away, we decided to try it on the iPhone 4. The result was surprising. The sygic India GPS app worked perfectly fine on the iPhone. We were able to use it in several places and various routes in Bangalore city. It works perfectly fine everywhere. we never lost GPS signal anywhere in Bangalore except in some basement parking in shopping malls.Pros and Cons of Sygic India GPS app for iPhoneLet me tell the good things about this GPS software.Easy to navigate GPS app

  • Navigate to address or point of interest

  • Shows nearby points of interest (it is able to show hundreds of shops around my home within 1 km)

  • Store or navigate to favorite destinations

  • Shows history of navigated locations

  • Shows current GPS coordinates

  • Navigate to the address of any contacts in your iPhone address book

  • Shows driving directions as well as walking directions

  • Configure what information to display on screen (speed, remaining time, expected time of arrival etc). You can configure to display different information on landscape mode and portrait mode, giving better control.

  • Walking mode can show additional information like elevation, signal level etc.

  • Multi touch support to drag and move the map and also to zoom-in and zoom-out the map

What is not good in Sygic India GPS application for iPhoneOne of the big disadvantages of this GPS system is, it does not get any signal on iPad. I am not sure but I believe the built in GPS system in iPad is not as powerful as iPhone. So it may not be a software issue.Another disadvantage I can say is, we took about a week to figure out how to close this GPS application. For about a week, we had to shutdown the iPhone to close the GPS after we are done without or leave it until it drains our the battery. Later, we discovered the trip to close the application without shutting down the iPhone.Another better to have feature is, support for Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam etc. There are many international languages supported but none of the Indian languages are in the list.Conclusion - Sygic GPS app is a good choice for your iPhoneEven though there are few minor disadvantages, I recommend Sygic iPhone GPS app as a good navigation system for India. I am not sure if you can find a better GPS software app since the advantages of Sygic GPS is probably part of other GPS apps as well.I am trying to get an Android version of the Sygic GPS and will post a review here soon. If you use any other GPS apps in India, please let me know your feedback and comments.Read Five multi feature portable GPS navigation devices from MapMyIndia

buy neverlost gps gps devices

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Do any TripAdvisor colleagues have recent experience with GPS devices in North Peru (or Peru in general, failing that)? I'm renting from Hertz, and they MAY have NeverLost GPS devices for rent. And I have a Garmin I could take with me, but that entails getting the South America data base, and getting it installed effectively (which Garmin owners may have found is not a given!!). And I can map-read, so wouldn't be totally dependent on satellite-based technology for routefinding.

When it comes to GPS devices, there are a lot of choices out there, and the selection can be overwhelming. GPS devices have become nearly as indispensable to most people, as their cell phones. Garmin has always been a well-respected maker of GPS devices and other electronics, and this model is no disappointment. More about StreetPilot Auto GPS...

Faster network speeds have helped spur development of travel aids. So has the convergence of various portable devices -- mini-laptops, GPS, digital cameras, gaming devices, personal digital assistants (PDA), MP3 players -- into one device. "It's your PC on your hand," says Norm Rose, a travel technology analyst at research firm PhoCusWright. "It's going to change and shape the...

Overall Review: Nice looking 650w with 54 amps on the single 12v rail. Enough for most single card setups, so long as you arent running huge system overclocks. The stealth cables are nice for this setup as this isnt a PSU that you would be re-sleeving, so ease of hiding is better. And you want to hide these, as the SATA cables terminate with a molex on each string. Nice to have the molex option, but not too many devices use that tech these days.Ive used a few Rosewill PSUs, and they have all been rock solid from the Hive series on up. Only thing not to like here is the near $100 price tag. You can thank the miners/parts shortage/Covid for that. Less than two years ago, this PSU would have cost you around $65 on sale, but the PMG650 is normally $125, on sale for $98. At the time of this review, Newegg is running a 10% off promo code, so that eases the sting a little bit.Solid PSU overall. I had zero issues with any of the connections, and the system botted up fine when I hit the power button (Ryzen 2600/GTX 1080 build).Recommended for a clean basic build, so long as you can stomach the price. 041b061a72


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